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    Flydragons’s Forex & CFD Trading Software provides global financial brokers to offer its users a platform to buy/sell a range of financial instruments from foreign currencies to share equities. Assisting our clients with software that can make strategic decisions, forex trading software integrates with Payment Service providers, accounting software and CRM systems, and more.


    Customisable trading software made in specification to financial broker’s needs, allowing them to have a business edge on its competitors


    With our team of financial services experts, allows the development of regulations specific technology and software (Regtech) to meets all the compliance and regulatory requirements of any EU and International licensed investment firm.


    With our industry specific team of qualified Software Developers, we can build software around Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems which can service all your Traders needs without human intervention; From easily tracking your users trading activity to understanding which feature your users react to best, and much more in just a few clicks.

  • Automated Financial Trading platform

  • Ability to analyze current price charts & other market activity over multiple timeframes to offer in-depth analytics

  • Web-based Financial Trading Platforms

  • Downloadable Financial Trading Platforms

  • Mobile-App Financial trading platforms

  • CMS/CRM Software and integration

  • White Label with Flydragons Enterprises Fintech Ltd and enjoy the benefits of a customisable Fintech software that can meet your every business need.

    An institution with a fantastic trading atmosphere, real expansion for your company and modest financial inducements.

    Our foremost trading technology is an advantage that you stand to benefit from, along with the pleasure of doing business with a team of industry specific compliance experts and software developers all in one space.

    We can help you become a professional Forex Broker, if you intend on starting your own business or even growing it.

  • We are ready to help you with a full turnkey solution to step into the Forex market via our exclusive White Label Program which is poised to deliver our finest in class technology along with liquidity for your customers.

    Under our “White Label” Program, you can partner with us by promoting your own Brand.

    We would be happy to provide you and your Customers with our trading platforms, full technical support and complete your very Own Brand.

  • At Flydragons all of our White Label Partners profit from our customisable Fintech and Regtech Softwre.

    Our program is tailored just for you! Unlike others, we offer technology that makes it possible for our partners to get a One Stop Solution, and we’re always there to guide you all the way.

    Flyrdagons Enterprise Fintech Ltd has designed an excellent White Label Program. This entire personalized solution is your flawless choice


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FLYDRAGONS ENTERPRISE FINTECH LIMITED Limited Liability Company, incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus, with Registration No HE 356393

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